The first and only exclusive putter today that offers you two possibilities at the same time: training mode and playing mode. Undoubtedly, the innovative club that will help you become a better golfer. 


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The art of putting

A 20, 10 and 2 feet putt count the same as a 300 yard drive. The putter is the most important club in a golfers bag, and probably the least practiced by most players. Making putts is the key to lower scores and iB|putter SWEET SPOT gives you the opportunity to make more putts during your rounds of golf. Learn more about the concept behind and how the club has been manufactured.

The putter that makes you a better golfer.

.- hit the sweet spot with more consistency

.- improve your swing path

.- convert more putts within 10 feet

.- make the ball roll better on the green

.- improve your line

All putters are customized and manufactured according to each player’s needs. We manufacture each putter individually so that each buyer can take full advantage of this new golf club that will undoubtedly help reduce the number of putts on the greens.

Choose the customised version that suits you best and buy it today

Developed and designed by;

“Being born into a family in which golf has been so important has been a unique privilege to know this sport very closely. I learned to play the game thanks to my father Baldomero and also to my uncle Seve. From both of them I learned some of the ideas that I have developed in this new putter. During the Covid19 pandemic, while I was at home in Hong Kong, I spent many hours putting on the carpet with two putters I had for a long time. Both led me to develop what you see here today, the iB|PUTTER SWEET SPOT. I truly believe this putter helps to lower scores. Many amateurs do not hit the sweet spot of the putter with consistency, which makes a difference in the speed and line of the putt. Without a doubt, the iB|PUTTER SWEET SPOT practice mode helps golfers hit that sweet spot more often, which contributes to a better line and therefore converting more putts.”

Ivan Ballesteros

Spanish PGA golf professional and coach & designer of iB|PUTTER SWEET SPOT

A good player who is a great putter is a match for any golfer. A great hitter who cannot putt is a match for no one.

.- Ben Sayers


Official Partner of the

2022 Bizkaia PGAe Open

at Meaztegi Golf Club,

a Seve Ballesteros Golf Course Design.