The game is on the green.

“During the Covid19 pandemic, while I was at home, I spent many hours putting with a handmade putter based on different ideas I learned from Seve. This club led me to develop the putter you see here today, which has been designed and manufactured according to the rules of golf. Behind it, there is a meticulous and very studied work to offer not only a good feel and touch, but also to provide golfers with a tool to improve the ball striking on the green, and therefore, lower their scores”.

Ivan Ballesteros

PGA of Spain player and golf instructor. iB PUTTER designer.

designed according to the rules of golf

Most amateurs do not hit the sweet spot of the putter consistently enough. The iB|PUTTER Sweet Spot is designed to invite golfers to hit the ball in that sweet spot which offers a better feel and contributes to a better line to the desired target. It definitely helps to sink more putts. A putter that contributes to improve any player´s score card.

Head Material 303 Stainless Steel

Weight 340 grams

Loft 3.5º & Lie 70º 



A centered-shaft that helps provide more stability in the direction of impact as the club face is more balanced at set up. This fact increases the awareness of a more square face, thus contributing to a more consistent impact over the sweet spot and in line with the intended target.

“Simplicity works”

“I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to get to know this sport very closely in many areas from a very early age. This putter is a tribute to my father Baldomero and his brother, Seve Ballesteros, with whom I had the privilege of working closely in multiple tasks. From both of them I acquired the knowledge that has helped me to conceive, develop and design this putter that I truly believe will help any player performance on the greens. Eternally grateful”.

Ivan Ballesteros

PGAe Professional player and golf instructor

A good player who is a great putter is a match for any golfer. A great hitter who cannot putt is a match for no one.

.- Ben Sayers