Precise IMPACT & BALANCE to master the SWEET SPOT

Exclusivity, simplicity, practicality, and effectiveness combined in one exceptional putter

Enhence your focus, aim with precision and achieve consistent sweet spot impact.


An exclusive dual-face cylindrical putter impeccably crafted to maintain perfect balance

Key features:

1. Focus: Experience improved concentration while executing your stroke. Designed to help you stay mentally engaged and deliver precise shots.

2. Alignment: The putter’s design assists in aiming accurately at your target, allowing you to line up your shots with confidence.

3. Sweet Touch: Exceptional weight distribution and balance of 373 grams, enabling a smooth pendulum-like motion that promotes consistent strikes on the sweet spot.

4.- Controlled backswing: Its design, with dimensions different from the putters in the market, invites the player to make a controlled backswing, contributing to a pendulum-like movement on the correct plane.


Elevate your putting game to a new level


Designed to help golfers hit the sweet spot consistently, providing a better feel and a better touch


Head Material 303 Stainless Steel

6061 Aluminium

Weight 373 grams

Loft 3.5º

Lie 70º 

A new putter that will bring your game to a new level

Designed by Ivan Ballesteros, a PGA golfer and golf instructor, complying with the standards and rules of golf set by the highest international governing body

“I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience golf from an early age, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the sport from various perspectives, next to one of the greatest ever to play this game. During my professional career I was able to delve into both the sporting and business aspects of golf. The putter you see here today has been meticulously developed and designed, complying with the rules of golf. Behind it lies dedicated and thorough work, aiming to offer golfers not only an exceptional feel and touch but also a valuable tool for improving their ball striking on the green. I am absolutely convinced that this club will exceed expectations for anyone who plays with it.”

Ivan Ballesteros

PGA player and golf instructor


In 2006, when MD Golf embarked on the journey to develop golf equipment under the legendary name of Seve Ballesteros, Ivan Ballesteros played a fundamental and indispensable role. Ivan’s profound knowledge of golf equipment, not only as a professional player and PGA instructor but also due to his close relationship with his uncle Seve, proved to be a significant asset during that period when we worked together. His deep understanding of the intricacies of golf equipment, combined with the insights he gained from being so intimately connected to the sport, served as a guiding force. Ivan’s contributions were pivotal in ensuring that the golf equipment bearing the iconic Seve Ballesteros name would meet the highest standards of quality and performance. I have no doubt that the innovative concept he has developed in this putter will be very useful for many players.” 

Michael Morton

Founder MD Golf

“Ever since I tried the iB Putter Sweet Spot, I’ve been using it consistently in my training sessions. One of the standout features of this club is its ability to promote an exceptional stroke on the correct plane, which significantly helps me achieve great results. Its well-balanced weight also gives me a sense of stability and confidence. Undoubtedly, it’s a club that makes a notable contribution to improving results on the green.”

Jose Manuel Carriles

Leyends Tour Player and former European Tour golfer.

From the very first moment I tried this putter, I must say that I liked its feel, touch, and especially the surface of its face. The putter moves very smoothly, and it forces the player to execute a pendulum motion, while also maintaining a much higher concentration during the stroke. I have no doubt that it is a tool that helps golfers improve their game on the green. Since the moment I tried it, it’s a club that doesn’t leave my bag.”

Marcelo Altonaga

PGA player and coach

“Before discovering the IB Putter Sweet Spot, my putting game was inconsistent and a source of frustration in every round. However, since I started practicing with this putter, my confidence on the greens has significantly improved. I have noticed a noticeable reduction in the number of putts per round, and, more importantly, I have managed to lower my handicap from 12 to 8 in just two months. The design and feel of the IB Putter Sweet Spot have helped me maintain a more consistent stroke on every putt, making a huge difference in my overall performance. I am delighted to say that I currently play with the IB Putter Sweet Spot, and it is an essential part of my golf equipment.”

Joe Alonso

Amateur golfer, handicap 8

“As a golf instructor, I am always on the lookout for tools that can help my students improve their putting game. The IB Putter Sweet Spot is a fantastic tool for guiding my students towards a more pendular move and controlled putting stroke, allowing my students to better understand and execute the proper swing plane. I must say I’m thoroughly impressed with this club. What truly stands out is not only the intelligent design of the iB Putter Sweet Spot, but its practicality and undeniable effectiveness as well. My students and I have witnessed a remarkable improvement in putting accuracy and consistency.”

Mike Harsfield

Golf instructor

“The putter has undoubtedly been the most frustrating part of my game. After trying out the iB Putter Sweet Spot for a month, I can confidently say that I have added it to my golf bag, and it has greatly improved my results on the green, boosting my confidence as well. This club has been a game-changer for me.

Catherine Hall

Amateur golfer, handicap 11

“A player who is a great putter is a match for any golfer.

A long hitter who cannot putt is a match for no one.”